Fun Stuff

Here you can find some fun stuff about everything relating to our balloons ;-) ... more to come!
Watt? Wer bist du denn?
And who are you? That's our penguin, doing a headstand! One of the many methods to get the hot air out of the balloon after a flight... ;-)
With our cat balloon, we use this method even more often, as it has no parachute. What once led a disappointed child to the conclusion, "Look Mommy, the cat's broken..."
Dance, dance, wherever you may be...
Dance, dance, wherever you may be... Some of my friends mail me all kind of penguin stuff, and one day, I got these three little fellows... I could watch them for hours! ;-)

Go Michael! Woo-woooo! ;-) *ggg*
Seperated at birth?
Seperated at birth? When I received the baby photo on the left, the little guy immediately reminded me of something... it was Peter Heinzel's model balloon ;-)

Now, at least we know where Michelin got that idea from... *ggg*