"A model balloon? What's that?" Exactly because this lighter-than-air aircraft is not so widely known, it will be the eye-catcher on your event. And our balloons are even more than that - the funny animal special shapes "Penguin" and "Cat" let kids' hearts beat faster and thus create an exciting experience not only for the small ones, which is unlikely to be forgotten.

No matter what kind of event you are planning: Model balloons have a long range effect and will magically attract the people. There is no need to be afraid: A model balloon is harmless and straightforward, and it can be put up almost anywhere at any time. As long as there is no storm or rain, we will get our envelopes filled with air - you profit from our over ten years experience in model ballooning.

Did we catch your interest? Then contact us for pricing and details. We will clear all open questions with you and then send you an individual offer.

As we are having many events every year, please contact us early enough.