17th balloon Meeting at Bad Griesbach

The Bad Griesbach Balloon Meeting has always been one of our summer highlights... but this year, it was even more special: Matthias fulfilled a dream of a lifetime, flying his first own mancarrying balloon for the very first time. It had taken him over one month to collect all the gear, bringing two used balloon systems together, thus creating a new one. All parts had to be checked and technically overhauled, and finally, a lot of paperwork had to be done - but we sorted it out just in time! :-)

Having achieved that, we had the chance to enjoy four days of beautiful summer weather at, around and over Bad Griesbach, flying our new toy - and as you can see on the photos, we even found the time to take out the model balloons ;-)

Our heartfelt thanks go to Thomas Köck und Markus Haggeney, who helped very much with getting our own balloon on the way, and of course to the team of the Fürstenhof Hotel and the "Ballonhafen Bad Griesbach" without whom we wouldn't have this wonderful event.

We'll be back - next year... :-)

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