Fire Brigade Festival at Grevenbrueck

Our big summer tour 2010 should lead us to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta once again - so, the invitation from Ben Bläss to the Fire Brigade Festival at Grevenbrueck fitted perfectly, as Grevenbrueck lies exactly between Munich and the British Channel... ;-)

The Fire Brigade of Grevenbrueck celebrate their summer festival with a balloon flight and night glow for some years already, and this year, they wanted to have model balloons there as well. Twelve balloons took to the evening sky, then the model balloons entertained the crowd until the "big ones" returned from retrieve. At nightfall, the balloon night glow started, presenting eleven big special shapes and six little ones with thrilling music, choreographed and presented by Ben Bläss. A really nice event! :-)

And early next morning, Maria and Matthias were on the road again, bound for England...

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